We need you! It concerns each one of us!

Plakat Heidelberg 2018We managed to get a great program together and now we need you!

With our symposium “Mensch-Sein mit Algorithmen/ Being Human with Algorithms” we address key topics of today’s discussion on the Digital Transformation, including Artificial Intelligence, Algorithm Ethics, Big Data, Internet of Things, Autonomous Driving, Social Responsibility, Robot Assisted Living, Industry 4.0, Privacy.

It is highly relevant that we as society discuss about these topics now! It is our future. We have to shape it or others will do so.

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THANK YOU! We hope to see you on September 20th and 21st in Heidelberg!

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The Digital Transformation is unstoppable. We interact with algorithms every day – voluntarily and involuntarily. In our blog an in the real world we want to shape the Digital Transformation together with you! We cordially invite you to our symposium “Mensch-Sein mit Algorithmen/ Being Human with Algorithms”!

        • Dr. Vint Cerf (Google) (Turing Award 2004) – unfinished Internet
        • Martin Arend (BMW) Driving and Being Driven: shaping the future of mobility
        • Katharine Jarmul (KIProtect) – Artificial Intelligence: Not an Infallible God
        • Prof. Dr. Peter Weibel (ZKM) – Digital Cultural Techniques
        • Dr. Bernd Lintermann (ZKM) – Introduction to the ZKM exposition in the Foyer
        • Prof. Dr. Michael Strube (HITS) – The Dark Side of NLP: Chances and Risks of Natural Language Processing
        • Prof. Dr. Martin Hellman (Stanford) (Turing Award 2015) – Challenges in Making Ethical Decisions: A Personal Perspective
        • Prof. Dr. Alexander Filipovic (Hochschule für Philosophie) – Algorithmizität als moralische Herausforderung. Philosophische Überlegungen zur Gestaltung digitaler Gesellschaften
        • Prof. Dr. Franziska Boehm (Leibniz-Institute for Information Infrastructure) – Regulation of algorithms and blockchain applications
        • Reception of the ACM Europe
        • Satellite exhibition of the Zentrum für Kunst und Median Karlsruhe in the Foyer

More details: https://menschsein-mit-algorithmen.org/wp/2018/07/15/we-need-you-it-concerns-each-one-of-us/
Registration: https://menschsein-mit-algorithmen.org/wp/registration-anmeldung/
Until July 31, 2018 you can apply for free tickets sponsored by the CECL!

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